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sjonie100 03-01-2006 05:10 PM

make dvd out of .iso file (fc3, Nautilus)
I have fc4 and through Nautilus I have the option to right-click .iso-files and burn them back to a viewable DVD with the option "write to disc" (All legal. Our own instruction movies). I thought that option was in FC3 too... Today I was surprised to see that I wasn't able to do that (anymore)!
Can someone tell me what's going on?

Lenard 03-01-2006 09:21 PM

Try using k3b instead, more then likely it's already install. If not it is on the installation media, or just use yum to install it;

yum install k3b

If you want you can burn the ISO image(s) to the DVD by using growisofs, see the man page for the details;

growisofs -Z /dev/cdrom=/path/to/the/image.iso

sjonie100 03-02-2006 08:54 PM

Got it !!!
Thanks for your reply. Found the answer.
If ".iso" is written in CAPITALS (for some reason maybe changed from small to big) the file isn't recognized anymore as a genuine iso-file. So it has to be small ones and immediately in the (right-clicked) menu there is "write to disc" again.
For me this thread can be closed

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