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Altiris 03-06-2013 09:18 PM

Major issues with VSFTPD Ubuntu 12.04
Alright so I am trying to chroot() my users so they stay locked/jailed in their home directories. I read online, found this,

I did everything it told me to do. After I did all of that I logged in with FileZilla and noticed that when I log in it says "Response: 257 "/"" which is the whole Linux directory (which isnt what I want). Prior to enabling chroot(), when I would log in it would say "Response: 257 "/home/MYUSERNAMEHERE". Basically I want to be able to chroot() users but also lock them in their /home folder which doesn't seem to be working, it seems that it is locking them to the / directory and I cant even navigate anywhere inside the / directory.

So far this is what I have edited from the config files:


Uncommented local_enable=YES
Uncommented write_enable=YES
Ucommented chroot_local_user=YES
Uncommented chroot_list_enable=NO (By default chroot_list_enabled is set to YES, I put NO)


Altiris 03-06-2013 09:39 PM

Nevermind, somehow, for some reason everything is working the way it should be. I am locked in my /home directory like I wanted so I wont be messing with anything lol.

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