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syl20 12-06-2004 08:38 AM

mail server migration
Hi all,
I have an old mail server with mailbox in mbox format (a file with every messages), but I installed a new one with mailbox in 'maildir format' (one file with a for one message, in 'new' directory.) for using imap.

tree /var/spool/mail/syl20/:

-- Maildir
|-- courierpop3dsizelist
|-- cur
|-- new
`-- tmp

I used maildirmake command (in courierimap soft) to create maildirs.

But when I will replace the older mail server by the new one, I will have to keep users old messages still on the old server and put them on the new one.

How will I be able to do that????????

Another question is : does anybody have a script (perl, shell, awk...) which would allow me to create maildir using /etc/passwd file and maildirmake command?

Thx for your help. I really need you!

syl20 12-06-2004 11:06 AM

I find these helpfull links to convert mailbox format
to maildir format :

Maybe this will help someone.

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