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GT_Onizuka 01-21-2006 02:48 PM

m4a/aac playback on Beep-Media-Player
I've been trying to get this working for awhile, but I've finally decided perhaps I ought to ask for some advice. I'm trying to get AAC playback on BMP. I installed faad2 (I configured the plugins for XMMS as well, and those work flawlessly). The plugin binary didn't work (it didn't show up in the plugin menu in BMP at all). I can't compile it from source, it complains it cannot find faad2 despite the fact I just installed it and ran ldconfig, just in case. I also tried copying over the plugins from the XMMS plugin directory to BMP's, and BMP can add the files, and the plugin shows up in the plugin manager, but the files cannot be played.

Any ideas?

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