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matt_w_lambert 10-06-2004 01:21 AM

.m3u files from xmms won't work with mp3 player ?
i bought an mp3 player last week and it says i can make playlists from winamp and put the m3u file on my player and i did this with xmms but it does not work is there a diference in the m3u's from winamp and xmms ??

megaspaz 10-06-2004 02:23 AM

there is a difference between xmms and winamp playlists. xmms uses absolute file paths for it's playlists. winamp uses relative file paths. xmms can handle winamp playlists, but winamp won't be able to handle xmms playlists. i think it's most likely your player doesn't know how to handle playlists from xmms. just a guess though.

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