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jhermans 03-26-2007 07:48 PM

LVM / Software RAID across a mix of IDE / SATA drives

I've been reading on Google for a while, trying to answer my own question. I'm running a MythTV box... and recently ordered a system that has SATA and IDE. I have a 320gb IDE drive that I bought a while ago, and just bought another 320gb SATA drive for the new system. I'd like to use LVM, Software RAID or any other solution to make these two drives look like one mountpoint to MythTV.

I wouldn't mind using software RAID 0, but the writes would always be as slow as my IDE drive is. So, how can I tell LVM or my software RAID to write to the SATA disk always (unless full), and then copy the files over later to the IDE drive, in the background? Is there any mechanism for this built into LVM2 or a software RAID solution? Thanks.

Andrew_OC 04-08-2007 05:26 AM

Hi, I have a local server with 725GB of storage made up of a number of drives using LVM.

What I did was install your OS (in my case Centos) on one disk then format the other (data) drive as LVM and mount it some where sensible for your setup (/home/user/data ?)

You can the then increase the storage by putting in another physical drive to the system, adding it to the LVM group, and finally extending the LVM partition to take advantage of the new storage capacity.

There's a Nice LVM tool for gnome under centos that helps you do this :)

Be advised though, LVM is NOT RAID so if one of your HDDs dies then you loose that data (and maybe your whole LVM disk ?)

As a a side note I had to put lots of additional fans in the system to cool it down as lots of HDDs create lots of heat!

Not sure how you specify which disk to use first, maybe someone else can help you with that - would you really notice the speed drop ?


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