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stlouis 07-28-2006 08:02 AM

lpr / lpd - Admin GUI
I have a quick question, and hopefully I'm posting in the right

I have been searching for an OpenSource Web Based or Windows GUI that I could use to remotely monitor both linux and unix lpr/lpd queues, etc...

I don't care much about being able to create new printers, or classes, modifying jobs, or moving jobs. I just want something that could be used to view the various queues, and be able to cancel jobs. Even if they have to connect to one server at a time to view them, that's fine. It does not have to display queues, etc for all servers, but if that is possible, that would be great.

Something similar to CUPS Web Based Administration utility.

I have a two RedHat Servers, and 4 SCO UNIX Servers running in my office, and I would like to give users the ability to see and cancel jobs from there desktop, without having to use the command line utilities installed with Print Services for UNIX on the Windows PC's.

I personally prefer the command line utilities, however my co-workers are NOT so computer savvy, and would like something easier for them to use.

Would the CUPS Web Based Management Utility work for this if I wasn't using CUPS as my default print subsystem?

Thanks much in advanced.

stlouis 07-31-2006 11:55 AM

Any Ideas? Anyone?

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