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Emmanuel_uk 10-04-2005 03:28 AM

An update, about how easier it is now to install lm_sensors

In lm_sensors 2.9.0 (mandrake 10.2 / mandriva LE2005 rpm), no need to do the cut and paste to do the
modprobe of modules; this is done automatically via /etc/rc.d/lm_sensors
(the doc tells you that but it is not easy to find)
All sort of modules are tested and give a confidence out of 10,
but then some are chosen.

If you then type sensors -s - c /etc/sensors.conf
a module name will appear just before or after the temperatures (say sb100)
This is the one module used, for which its section in /etc/sensors.conf
will need tweaking.
The section starts with the name of the module you have identified (for example sb100)

In the A7N8X-E deluxe the fan speed needs dividing by 2. (@/2,@*2)
The mobo and processor T are inverted (change the input number)
You need to add ignore in places for the AMD or intel cpu,
and ignore some other input if they are not used. (use ignore statement)

NB: I boot with option acpi=ht
if you have a problem with procfs/sysfs, maybe look into acpi option
(a shot in the dark because I think lm_sensors doe not need acpi anyway)

viklahan 11-03-2008 05:58 PM

LM Sensors Help, Can't access procfs/sysfs file Unable to find i2c bus information

Originally Posted by jonr (Post 1313657)
The support persons at lm_sensors had me supply the complete sensors.conf file along with system data, and found that the "set" lines given in the via686a chip voltage section in the default file didn't work for my system. They promptly sent along lines to replace the default lines with, along with several additional ones; once I did that and ran sensors -s and then sensors, lm_sensors was doing its job correctly. No more alarms, no obviously messed-up voltage values, and I can once again display temperature and fan speed in gkrellm as I wanted to.

In the course of the investigation, they asked me to replace the Mandrake package with an 8.7 or later version from lm_sensors, which I did, but that in itself didn't fix the problem.

Very pleased by the clear instructions and speedy response I received from lm_sensors support!

If you suspect you have a similar problem, or would be interested in the troubleshooting procedures followed, the trouble-ticket thread can be read at:

Can you provide with the sensors.conf file which helped you figure out what was missing? That could help me make changes in my file and get it working.

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