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Irina 22 11-13-2005 04:04 PM

Live CD with speedtouch SpeedTouch 330 support
hi, can you help me find a live cd distro which has support for the SpeedTouch 330 modem? i tried Kanotix the other day but it didn't get out of MS DOS on boot, it stopped at A:\ i don't know if it needed grub or what? i just want to burn an .iso, boot from it, and have internet access. i can say that my hardware works with Linspire if that helps. thanks.

bigjohn 11-14-2005 10:52 AM

Hum? Guessing here, but either mandrake/mandriva move or PClinuxOS. Why those ?? because mandrake/mandriva used to have quite good support for speedtouch modems when installed (well the "paid for/boxed set" ones did - but you usually had to be able to down the mandrake/mandriva speedtouch rpm for download versions). And PCLinuxOS is based on mandrake/mandriva (I think thats what "Texstar" went to do after he stopped making customisations for mandrake/KDE).

Sorry if thats a bit vague, but really to get round those kind of problems you need to "loose" the speedtouch - USB modems are all well and good under windows, and yes they can be made to work under linux (installed linux), but USB wasn't designed for networking.

If you opted for a Modem/Router device then you install it under windows and set it up, you just need to take note of any IP address numbers or make sure whether it's dhcp. and then you can usually just boot a live cd and when it's running just run the network card config (well that's what I did this morning when I was trying to use kanotix to mend my screw up with my installed Gentoo).



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