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BW-userx 03-25-2016 02:28 PM

Linux usbmuxd accessing iPhone 4s
I updated this (stupid) phone to 9.3 it was half working in 9.2.1.
now it does not even see my iPhone when I open up a fileManager.
it was working ok as far as seeing iPhone and apps on it,(even though I was getting an "unhandled error (7) )and charging it when I plugged it into the USB port.

then today when I plugged it in all the iPhone does is buzz and vibrate. no charging or access to the iPhone via File Manager.

Now that I have a little time to play, I've discovered that when I remove usbmuxd I can get it to charge again. but still no access via File Manager. then I went into search mode. found a to do this. so I did, I added the directory to /etc/udev/rules.d then the file as it states next.

Added this to /etc/udev/rules.d/80-idevices.rules

ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="05ac", ATTR{idProduct}=="12[9a][0-9a-f]", MODE="660", GROUP="usbmux"

udevadm control --reload-rules
after I added my user to the group usbmux using both these commands. Trying both in the order given. by removing then redoing.


usermod -aG usbmux userx
gpasswd -a userx usbmux

neither one give me any results. It still just makes that nose and vibrates when I plug it in. No charging or access via file manager.

When I remove usbmuxd from my system it will charge the iPhone again, but that is it.

my system will not let me remove anything else to do with apple - tided to xfce

root@voided/etc/udev/rules.d >># xbps-remove libplist
libplist-1.12_4 (remove) breaks installed pkg `gvfs-afc-1.26.3_1'
libplist-1.12_4 (remove) breaks installed pkg `libimobiledevice-1.2.0_5'
libplist-1.12_4 (remove) breaks installed pkg `libusbmuxd-1.0.10_1'
libplist-1.12_4 (remove) breaks installed pkg `upower0-0.9.23_10'
Transaction aborted due to unresolved dependencies.

root@voided/etc/udev/rules.d >># xbps-remove upower0
upower0-0.9.23_10 (remove) breaks installed pkg `xfce4-4.12.0_5'
Transaction aborted due to unresolved dependencies.

in case you're wondering why am I trying to remove apple software used to access apple when I am trying to gain access to apples. it is process of elimination. take it out then see what it does then slowly replace it, see what it does, harmless logic.

any ideas anyone?

mostlyharmless 04-06-2016 02:42 PM


any ideas anyone?
Well, it's probably the idea you'd expect, not the ones you want: Give up.

Arggh, Apple. I've largely given up on accessing mine from Linux, as the last time I partially succeeded, although it looked like it was working great, it completely and permanently scrambled my iTunes library. Updates break printing to my non-Apple printer, and apparently to even Apple printers sometimes. So I maintain a Windows (7) machine for the purpose of syncing/backing up etc. Charging ought to work with any USB outlet that has power. Probably my next phone will be an Android.

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