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-Jk- 08-12-2003 02:36 PM

Linux IPX game server software???
Ok I don't know if this even exists, so this might be a stupid question...

Are there any software for making an IPX game server for games like Doom, C&C, Duke3d etc? It would be sorta like Kali I guess. Anyone know what I'm talking about? :)

JoeDuncan 08-12-2003 03:23 PM

Yes there is, it's called "ipxtunnel". Check it out here:

-Jk- 08-12-2003 03:30 PM

Thanks! I'll take a look at it :)

Tinkster 08-12-2003 03:33 PM

Have a look at Kahn, too :)

/me dreams of dashing through the mines in his pyro ... :)


-Jk- 08-12-2003 03:40 PM

Kahn is nice, but its client doesn't work with NT, 2000 or XP... :(

Tinkster 08-13-2003 03:13 AM

But then, for most machines, Doom, Duke or Descent
won't play sound under NT, 2000 or XP, either ...

And the more modern games that run smooth with
those <almost choking> operating systems
<deep breath> rely on TCP/IP, anyway.


scojohnson 12-12-2007 01:05 AM

Wow.. that's old
I miss IPX... days were simpler then.

Just out of curiousity, were you thinking 802.3... EthernetII... IPX_Snap... or one of the more obscure forms of IPX...:) It's why Netware died.. couldn't make up their mind.

Anyone used the Netware emulator on Linux? I have a minor networking problem that seems like it would actually work better with an IPX client than to deal with stupid-user issues.

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