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voitel 07-12-2001 12:42 PM

Linux Does not see the RAM
Got a question again!

I have 128 mb or RAM on my machine. Linux Mandrake 7.2 can see only 64 mb or RAM. How I can make it see all the RAM I have on my computer?

trickykid 07-12-2001 12:49 PM

are you using lilo to boot, if so you can add this to your /etc/lilo.conf file:


save it

then run: /sbin/lilo to make the changes from the command line. reboot and it should recognize all your RAM. if you using GRUB or anything else, I am unsure on those.

voitel 07-15-2001 03:27 PM

I am using GRUB
sorry, man. I am using GRUB


linuxcool 07-15-2001 07:13 PM

Check here . It talks about Caldera's eDesktop 2.4, but it should work for you. It tells you to add mem=96M or mem=95M to the kernel line of the menu.lst file. In your case, it would be mem=128M or mem=127M . I hope this helps.

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