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helmsley 06-02-2006 01:23 AM

linux cluster suite shared storage problem

I have a problem with accessing the shared storage in my linux cluster. To start off, I have 2 nodes connecting to a shared storage device. When configuring the cluster, I specified the file system on the shared storage as follows:

filesystem type:ext3
mount point:/var/xxx

I add this resource to my cluster service, so that each time i start up the cluster, the filesystem specified will be mounted. I propagated this configuration to the other node too.

The problem now is this : i start up node1 and after the filesystem /var/xxx is mounted, i created a file in it, called it "abc". Now i bring down node1 and bring up node 2 instead. Ideally, from node2, when i cd to /var/xxx, i should see the file "abc", right? But i don't. The filesystem is mounted though. I assume that when i bring down node1, the cluster suite will help me unmount the filesystem and when node2 is up, it should mount the filesystem. So ideally, i should see the file "abc" that is written earlier.

Now, at node2, i write another file called "def" into the filesystem and bring node2 down and node1 up. when i cd to the filesystem from node1, i see the file "abc", but not "def". what can be the problem here? should each node be seeing 2 files and not only the file it created?

Is there something that i have missed out? Would appreciate any help given. Thanks in advance.

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