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dogg 08-16-2001 07:46 PM

linux 7.0 removal
I recently bought a laptop from a pawn shop and it had rh 7.0 as its OS. I can not log on to the network because I do not know the password. How do i uninstall linux without the information i need to get into the brains of the computer??

trickykid 08-16-2001 09:53 PM

ummm..... any install disk of any OS will get you started. and then from there you install wiping out the OS already installed. you can however boot into single mode and change the passwd of the linux install on there. at the lilo prompt, or if its graphical, press control-x then at lilo type linux single, it should boot to a command prompt, and there you can issue the passwd command followed by root. then you can change the password, reboot and you can gain access to the computer.

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