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Killbot_5000 09-27-2004 04:10 PM

Linking Libraries, Dependencies
I am running RedHat 6.0. I am trying to install openssh. The rpm of openssh that I have requires a newer version of RPM. RPM4 requires popt and some C libraries. I installed the C libraries required by popt, which are

but when I try to rpm -ivh popt*.rpm, it says I need these libraries. I've really only used newer RedHat distros, like Fedora, which autolink. So, does anyone know of a FAQ or tutorial that covers linking, or can anyone tell me how to link?

These are the packages I have been using:


Got them off of cept for openssh, which was from

I appreciate any help in the matter.

Komakino 09-27-2004 05:26 PM

If you're using rpm then in essense you are using a 'red hat like distro' and I'm not sure what you mean by autolink or needing a linking don't have to link by hand! It looks to me like some of your system was installed by RPM and some by some other means, which is why the RPMs can't find basic essentials (like libc - probably the single most important thing after the kernel).

My advice (to anyone still using the abomination that is RPM) is to compile it from source. As long as you installed the development tools when you installed your system then you'll find it a lot easier.

Killbot_5000 09-28-2004 08:28 AM

If I compile it from source, can I make a working RPM from that? Ultimately, I need to install these programs onto a RedHat 6.0 machine that has NO dev tools or libs.

Do you think that this is even a possibility?

Komakino 09-28-2004 08:56 AM

Hmmmm, I think it must be a possibility because there are people out there who create RPM files of useful applications once they've compiled them from source themselves.

How to do it is a different matter, but it must have been asked before on these boards, or a google search for a tutorial in creating RPM's must yield something.

lappen 09-28-2004 08:59 AM

try ldconfig?


      /sbin/ldconfig - configure dynamic linker run time bindings

      ldconfig creates the necessary links  and  cache  to  the  most  recent
      shared  libraries  found  in  the  directories specified on the command
      line, in the file /etc/, and in the trusted directories (/lib
      and  /usr/lib).  The cache is used by the run-time linker, or ld-  ldconfig checks the header and file names of  the  libraries
      it  encounters  when determining which versions should have their links

also check and [man pages]

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