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gerryino 09-30-2008 06:11 AM

Linkchecker 4.5 doesn't load config from file
linkchecker ( ) is a little sw which performs a website scan to search for broken links.

Manual says


General options:
    -f FILENAME, --config=FILENAME
      Use FILENAME as configuration file. Per default LinkChecker first searches /etc/linkchecker/linkcheckerrc and then ~/.linkchecker/linkcheckerrc (under Windows <path-to-program>\linkcheckerrc).

However launching

linkchecker -v --config=/home/gerry/shared/temp/link/test.conf ''
Doesn't work, config files are always ignored and the program starts with defaults options without complaining errors in config file or program options.
The bad thing is that some advanced options are only availables through config file (no command line)

Some suggestion about fixing this? Do you think is a bug and i should inform the developer team or i'm making something wrong?

Or maybe do you know about similar sw, i've tried webcheck but the site i'm scanning is huge and it dies.

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