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TomalakBORG 03-19-2005 02:33 PM

LILO question
Hey, here's the deal. I'm dual-booting suse 9.2 and slack 10.1. Now, LILO is being handled by suse, but I have just added entried for slack with the root as /dev/hda3 (hda2 is the suse partition). Now, I like the theme for LILO from suse, but the problem is that I have to go into suse to run lilo and config the lilo.conf file. What I would like to see is Suse LILO, with a slackware option, that will hand it off to the standard slack LILO. I figure I can skin the slack LILO later, and I might even get rid of Suse in the future. So, is there any way to have like, 2 LILOs?

jtshaw 03-19-2005 03:09 PM

Yes. You can install lilo on a partition as appose to the MBR. I guess what I would do is have Suse's LILO on the MBR (/dev/hda) and Slacks on it's root partition (/dev/hda3). All this will really accomplish is allow you to change the Slack kernel or boot parameters without booting into Suse, but I assume that is what your goal is here anyway:)

If your up for different suggestions... what I usually do on a multiple distro machine is have a shared /boot partition and use grub as my bootloader. That way you can edit the grub configuration from any distribution installed (since grub is smart and can mount the file systems you don't have to run anything to update the bootloader like you do with lilo).

TomalakBORG 03-19-2005 03:59 PM

Excellent - suse lilo on mbr, and slack lilo on /dev/hda3. Now, what would be the suse lilo command to bring up the slack lilo? (what would the slackware entry look like in the suse lilo?)

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