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amimusa 01-09-2005 07:35 AM

lilo hides a fat32 partition
Hi people!
I have four partitions in my system.
hda1 -> NTFS
hda2 -> FAT32
hda3 -> swap
hda4 -> reiserfs

When i configure my lilo.conf to boot the system I write the

And what happends is that the partition where i store the dates (hda2) is hidden. I have to study a bit the problem to know that lilo was the problem. But when i restore the mbr to run only win and toogle active the partition with partition magic, all works fine in this partition until i reinstall lilo to boot the system.
For the moment i'm studing how grub works to try with this other boot loader, but i would like to know why it is and if there is something to fix it.
I have tried to add the change tag to the other secction indicating to set /dev/hda2 active... something that i've found in the man lilo file. But it hasn't functioned.

Any suggestion ???


amimusa 01-09-2005 09:03 AM

maybe it was because i had defined all the partitions as primary. I have changed the data partition (FAT32) to extended/logical partition and now lilo works fine.
maybe the boot loader hides the other primary partition to boot it up properly.

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