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watashiwaotaku7 03-09-2003 12:42 PM

lilo (frame buffer maybe??)
Ive just upgraded lilo from slack --current (along with everything else) and now cannot use it to boot, i went in with chroot from the redhat 8.0 install disk and tried to run /sbin/lilo again but it gave me an error about glibc when i try to boot with the new version it gives me just half a screen of numbers, anyone know what might be the cause of my problem, also does one actually need lilo to boot if there is only one operating system that you want to boot?

moses 03-09-2003 06:18 PM

Can you post the error?
You need a boot loader, whether it's LILO, GRUB, OS/2s loader,
or whatever, you have to have some way of telling the BIOS how to
boot the system.

yngwin 03-09-2003 07:37 PM

You say it's a glibc error. You probably installed a package that was compiled on another glibc version than you have on your system. That's why it won't work. You need to reinstall the original lilo package.

Aussie 03-09-2003 08:57 PM

yngwin is correct, if you want to update lilo you should download the latest source and compile it yourself.

yngwin 03-10-2003 03:25 AM

Boy am I satisfied with Gentoo! It's great to have a decent source-based distro which takes care of dependancies too!

watashiwaotaku7 03-10-2003 11:09 AM

ok, i did reinstall the old version of lilo fro the slack cd, but the reason the new one was installed is i simply downloaded to entirely of the slackware current library, adn told installpkg to do it s thing with wildcards set to install everything, was just wondering how to avoid this problem in the future, i did update glibc and pkgtools before anything else

Aussie 03-10-2003 04:25 PM

Slackware-current not only has a new glibc it's also compiled with gcc-3.2.x and is binary incompatable with slackware-8.1 (compiled with gcc-2.95.x), you need to create an iso by following the instructions in /isolinux, burn it to a blank cd and boot to do an install.

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