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eraser 09-10-2000 03:49 PM

Well needless to say that I hate LILO, it's the only hting that mess up my linux installation every time!
especialy on mandrake, there is some sor of limitation that you can not use on a certain partition if that partition is not i the beginning of the drive!

Well since I need to have my win 2k running what do you guys recommend for me to have as a dual boot, and using of course LILO :( ?

I tried bootmagic from partition magic, but it didn;t seem to work well, any ideas?

jeremy 09-10-2000 04:01 PM

Depending on the version of lilo you have your boot partition must fall before cylinder 1024. From the unofficial lilo page:

Big news: 1023 cylinder barrier broken!
John Coffman has added support for the new (1998) lba32 BIOS extension. If your motherboard was made (or you upgraded the BIOS) after 1998, the new Lilo will detect the BIOS extension, and you will be able to install LILO, kernel, map, and message anywhere on the drive. Before this, you needed to put them in a cylinder that ended on cylinder 1023 or lower. If your Linux distribution came with an old Lilo, install with a boot floppy, get the current Lilo, install it, and *then* set up Lilo. Don't let your distro "make your hard drive bootable" unless you are sure it knows how.
The latest version of lilo is available here:

eraser 09-13-2000 06:35 PM

hmm I see, my next try will be with SuSe, I have installed Red Hat, Mandrake, Corel, and Phat, the one that I liked the most was Red HAt, and mandrake was good too, next will have to be SuSe

ctdp 09-25-2000 08:53 PM

BIOS limitation
LILO and other boot managers may not work beyond the 1024 cylinder limitation due to the motherboard BIOS. The only motherboard that I have had success with is the Asus P3B-F. I've tried several other motherboards for Celeron and Athlon processors and have had a great deal of headaches with them. Now I will only buy Asus motherboads. It's worth paying $20 - $30 more to avoid days or months of problems. There may be other motherboards that have BIOS that works, but I'm not sure which ones they are. Asus uses Award BIOS, so I think boards using Award may have a better chance.

I know this because I tried an install of Linux with Win2K and Win98 on three systems and was unable to get it to work until I used the system with the Asus motherboard. If anyone knows about other motherboards that work beyond the 1024 cylinder limit, I am interested in knowing what they are.

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