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Athlon_Jedi 07-09-2003 11:25 AM

Lightwave 7 or equivilent?
Hey, does anyone know if there is a version of lightwave 7 for linux or something that is the equivilant ?

I really need to know so i can start working on my animated series again.

thanx in advance

contrasutra 07-09-2003 02:44 PM

There's a version of Maya for Linux. Not cheap though.

melquiades 07-09-2003 03:57 PM

I've heard something about using lightwave under linux, there was some addition by newtek in either the 7.5b or 7.5c update, it might only allow you to use the renderer though, I'm not sure about modeller or layout as applications. I too would like to be able to use lightwave under linux, its one of the last apps I still have to run under windows. I would recommend asking at, I know some of them have played with linux but they suffered a hacker attack a couple of days ago and are down for the moment, you could try asking either at newtek's forum or in the lightwave section of cgtalk. can you post anything you find here because I would like to know what you find.

as for other apps that can model 3d (though not render) there a open-source app called Wings that might well be ported to linux, I'll check for you, but that's based on mirai and is a hell of modeller, easily stands up next to maya and lightwave.

finally you might try running it under wine but I don't have that installed and well to be honest I doubt anything that complex would run uner emulation.

hope this helps mate, keep us informed


Athlon_Jedi 07-09-2003 04:08 PM

ill let you know what i find out : )

lightwave leads the way!!!

Antimatter 07-14-2003 04:00 AM

can't you run lightwave though wine? or atleast try.

enigmasoldier 07-14-2003 11:24 AM

Free Lightwave equivalent
Lightwave costs money and no 'nix version (that I know of)
Maya is amazing and has a 'nix version (very expensive)
Blender is amazing and has windows, mac, linux, solaris, and 'BSD versions. I use blender daily!

Download it from:

Learn how to use it here:

If you like to donate to excellent open source projects, buy some of thier tutorial books:

The Official Blender 2.0 Guide

The Official Blender GameKit: Interactive 3D for Artists

The Blender Book - I suggest this one for novice but they are all good

Happy Blending...

melquiades 07-15-2003 06:01 AM

and also don't forget Wings3D, open-source mirai/nendo clone and one of the best modellers available (and free!) and there is a linux version too check for a link from the homepage -

enigmasoldier 07-18-2003 01:18 PM

The differences between wings 3d and blender 3d...

Blender is a production grade 3d animation / model creation program. Easy to use and well developed. Has cool features like network renderfarm, decent nurbs tools, etc.

Wings has the same idea as blender but it is much newer and lacks many of the features. Wings doesn't even "officially" support animation at all! Wings is a little bit easier to use for the complete n00b, however, I will stick with blender. tried and true 3d all the way!

melquiades 07-18-2003 05:13 PM

ah yes but wings isn't a 3d suite, it's simply a modeller, and one helluva good one, there's quite a few professionals now using it for modelling before exporting to maya - blender does all the jobs but if you like the lightwave way of doing things (i.e. seperate programs for modelling and layout) then wings is perfect! Sorry, I'm on a bit of a wings trip at the minute, so glad that there's a mirai open source clone I can run under linux - god I love open source software! :D but yeah, enigmasoldier, you're right, wings is still in its infancy and blender is most definately all grown up!

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