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rflowers 09-04-2003 09:27 PM

Library versioning interface - urgent

I have a library say which does not have version
library interface applied.

After a new requirement, I have modified the
to have (ABI) library versioning enabled using mapfiles.
Call the modified one as

Now the scenario is as follows:

We have applications existing using (by linking to
this library). After the change from old to modified
if the same application wants to use for linking
and use for runntime.. it seems like there
is backward comaptability problem..

While linking a shared object (A) with another shared object (B) that has version interface enabled , how to supress
recording of version info (like SUNW_1.1) so that, we can
get backward compatibility ??

In solaris it seems like there is an option -z noversion
to suppress version info. Is there any similar one on

thank you so much , in advance,

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