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jjreid 03-22-2004 07:40 PM

Libranet Bootloader Fail?
Please help, here is the scoop... Never used linux befor need help....

Okay I instert the disc and go along, I make 2 partitons one 7500 mb and one 500 mb, on is Linux and the other the Linux Swap. I write it and i exit, i goto the thing and select automatically layout partiton or something and go along.. it says mounting... then says installing base files(something like it) then says bootloader configuration failed and then install of bootloader failed, i click to retry and it does it again, it doesnt work even after i restart.... help.... Im using Libranet 2.0?

Pwnz3r 03-22-2004 07:42 PM

Try using GRUB or LILO. I highly reccomend GRUB, but LILO is easier if you just want to try something really quick. If those don't work or you can't get to them, then I'm not sure what to do.

jjreid 03-22-2004 07:43 PM

has anyone else had this problem, i havent been able to find it anywhere on the net

jjreid 03-22-2004 08:00 PM

how do i get lilo or grub
Okay i dont think it has even installed any of the operating system yet, so how would i get lilo or grub to work. Pleese help....

Pwnz3r 03-22-2004 08:20 PM

You don't have an OS? :confused:

jjreid 03-23-2004 05:53 AM

nooo soorry
I dont think it has gotten tot the point in the install where any of the os is even loaded on...

jjreid 03-23-2004 07:10 PM

ahhh stupid hdd
Well it seems it was just the HDD death. I formatted my 120 gb and tried it there, w00t it works... yay now to update windows-x for my radeon 9600 XT :(

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