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safrout 05-27-2002 10:11 AM &
when i was installing the icq client named kopete-0.3-1.i386

it said that both of these files r needed

can anyoe help me and tell me where i can find them

Mara 05-27-2002 01:26 PM

Search for openssl package. Now I don't remember where you can get it from, but google should help you :)

safrout 05-28-2002 06:41 PM

i have d/l both openssl 6d and 6b and i installed them one after the other and in both cases i didn't find the files i need

can anyone help me

Noerr 05-29-2002 01:39 AM

go to and there search for those to files, to locate the package and
then figure out which package has proper version for you.

safrout 05-29-2002 05:54 AM

nothing also
i didn't find any of the 2 files

can anyone still help me?

acid_kewpie 05-29-2002 06:00 AM

it IS there. just drop the version suffix.

safrout 05-29-2002 06:30 AM

there where and waht do u mean by drop version suffix

sorry but i am still a newbie

acid_kewpie 05-29-2002 06:38 AM

safrout 05-29-2002 06:46 AM

i went there and didn't know which files to d/l so i gues i d/l the asp version

but what next how shll i get the 2 files i need

jglen490 05-29-2002 07:11 AM


i went there and didn't know which files to d/l so i gues i d/l the asp version
If that is your distro, then that is the correct package to download. Once you have it downloaded, run as root: rpm -ivh <>, substituting the actual package name. After rpm finishes, then run as root: ldconfig

After doing the above, you should be able to continue loading your icq client.

safrout 05-29-2002 09:09 AM

about my dist
i am using now SuSe 8.0 and i didn't find ther anyfile ofr this dist

can u tell me which files is suitble for my SuSe

sorry for asking much

colvers 06-28-2002 07:48 AM

Go to this link and d/l openssl it contains both files.

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