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dibblethewrecke 12-06-2004 04:17 AM

lck patchset for 2.4.28
i am trying to compile a kernel with the lck patchset for 2.4.28 from

i am patching the vanilla kernel source and it is patching fine but i can't compile. I am using arch linux but no-one seems to have tried this patch set there. I am not super-knowledgeable about kernel recompile tactics so i may have made some mistakes, although this is not my first kernel compilation effort.

so, heres what I have. i tried compiling the kernel with this PKGBUILD. a PKGBUILD is an Arch linux build i case you wondered and it shows the patch and build commands

I used this kernel config

and i got these errors

the first error occurs after i apply only one patch - 010-lckbase.diff, which is the basic patch.

the second error occured when I applied only the 021-bootsplash-3.0.7.diff patch (just as a test to see if it compiled)

is my patch code right? is my config ok? no glaring mistakes? anyone any experience with this patch set? working config?

any help appreciated!

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