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Cornholio 01-17-2005 02:51 AM

LaTeX [Kile) spellchecking?
Hi there!

I am trying to get spellchecking in LaTeX to work. I am using the new Kile (1.7.1) and I have no clue at all, how to do this.

If I got it right, it has no own spellchecking-engine... it uses other programms for this. (kspell2?) But, man... I have never done anything with this before and have not idea where to start....

Can someone please tell me how to activate spellchecking (for german language :-] ) in Kile or if I have to, in KDE in genereal or whatever? :-)

Thanks very much!

GReetings, Sascha

mjrich 01-17-2005 02:54 PM

AFAIK, just install Ispell and the associated German dictionary, then select it in Kile from Settings -> Configure Kile -> Spelling -> Dictionary.

Or, just run your source files through Ispell in a shell.



mrtdnb 11-22-2011 04:24 AM

LateX Kile spellchecking getting localised spellchecks - solved
In order to get it working on my Debian Testing (Wheezy) laptop and Kile version 2.1 :

First I installed aspell for my local (uk) localisation using the command as root:

apt-get install aspell-en

Then within Kile I went
Settings --> Configure Kile --> (within the Editor section) Editing --> Spellcheck
The I used the down arrow on the Default Language to select English UK

Now spellchecking within Kile in English UK.

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