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backwoodsman 03-21-2013 01:56 PM

Lame won't work -- sometimes
Hi all,

I use streamripper to record a daily radio program, then lame to re-encode it. Problem is, one day lame works, and the next day it doesn't, so about half the time I have to process it with Audacity instead, which takes a lot more of my time. The stream rips are done by a cron job, with the same streamripper options every time.

When it doesn't work, it gives the normal output of runtime options, but the instant it gets to the progress bar, it quits with no error message or indication of what went wrong, like this:


user@dell:~/streamripper$ lame -a -b 16 tnp30_2013_03_21_09_31_02_64k_kbrt.mp3 tnp30_2013-03-21_16k_kbrt.mp3
LAME 3.99.5 32bits (
CPU features: MMX (ASM used), SSE (ASM used), SSE2
Resampling:  input 32 kHz  output 16 kHz
Using polyphase lowpass filter, transition band:  5484 Hz -  5677 Hz
Encoding tnp30_2013_03_21_09_31_02_64k_kbrt.mp3
      to tnp30_2013-03-21_16k_kbrt.mp3
Encoding as 16 kHz single-ch MPEG-2 Layer III (16x)  16 kbps qval=3
    Frame          |  CPU time/estim | REAL time/estim | play/CPU |    ETA
    0/      ( 0%)|    0:00/    :  |    0:00/    :  |        x|    :
    0/8124  ( 0%)|    0:00/    0:00|    0:00/    0:00|  0.0000x|    0:00 -------------
    0/8124  ( 0%)|    0:00/    0:00|    0:00/    0:00|  0.0000x|    0:00 -------------
    3/8124  ( 0%)|    0:00/    0:27|    0:00/    0:09|  10.800x|    0:09
  kbps      mono %    switch short %
  16.0      100.0        66.7  33.3
ReplayGain: -9.2dB

Any ideas what I can do to fix this? I've already tried every combination of options I can think of, with no effect.

(This is on Debian Wheezy, in case it matters.)

ukiuki 03-25-2013 07:51 AM

Did you check the logs too? It is hard to tell since the output doesn't point errors, does it create any file at all?
Here some links maybe it helps:


backwoodsman 03-25-2013 02:28 PM

Thanks for the reply. I think I may have fixed it by running streamripper with --with-id3v1. It's worked for 2 days now, and if it works for a couple more days I guess it's fixed. I never did find what lame was objecting to, but I guess it's something to do with the ID3 tag.

backwoodsman 03-26-2013 03:37 PM

Well it happened again today, so I was wrong about the ID3 tag being involved. But I noticed that lame was reading the sample rate incorrectly, so I tried --mp3input to force lame to read the input file as MP3 instead of MP2, and it worked. The man page says lame assumes MP3 if the extension is mp3, but apparently that's incorrect.

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