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bruno buys 10-06-2003 09:06 AM

KwinTV and KRadio problems
Hi !

I can't get KwinTV and Kradio to work. KWinTV only displays random pixels, and no sound. KRadio, when opened, shows me a config window where I'm supposed to choose my devices. But the dialog contains no devices at all!
Also, Kwintv do not have pal-m as a choice (i'm in brasil). I think it has to do with the problem.
Kradio, after choosing no devices, of course, doesn't work.
My system is suse linux 8.2 pro. It detected my tv card when installing the system.
My tv/fm card is pixel view play tv pro. Under win2k it works (tv and fm) ok.
What can I do?

coolamit78 10-06-2003 09:48 AM

Below is the thread where I have posted the script which loads the TV Tuner settings at system can look at the script and notice the values that I have used for initializing the tuner and bttv modules.

Since I dont know the exact value for your pixel view TV tuner card, try searching for it on this forum.....otherwise, you can try the 'hit and trial method' .....just start moving from 1 to 56 values in the bttv card=x option....and values 1 to 11 for the tuner module......

You can check the bttv mini how to guide from google:

If you have problems, post again....



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