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Braxton Leo 03-30-2011 12:51 AM

Kubuntu Question - How to run Pulseaudio in root account?
What file needs to be modified so that Pulseaudio starts automatically when in the root account? Currently, it is necessary to start Pulseaudio from the "Run" dialog when in the root account. I recall there was a file that prevents Pulseaudio from being run as root and that particular line had to be deleted in order for it to work.

I prefer to run my computer from the root account. I would appreciate if anyone knows how to do this to please answer the question. If not, please do not preach about the "dangers" of running as root. Thanks.

David the H. 03-30-2011 02:08 AM

Well, I'm going to preach anyway. It's both stupid and totally unnecessary to run your entire system as root, particularly with an X-session. The administrator/user separation was designed for a reason, and not just for external security, but internal as well. It reduces the likelihood of you you screwing up your own system.

But anyway, it's your own funeral. Which distro are you using? On Debian you can edit the /etc/default/pulseaudio file, or use configure-debian if you have it installed. This controls the way the init script runs.

They also caution you against running pulse as root too, of course.

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