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Teasdale 03-13-2008 02:45 PM

KShowMail - How to Check gmail?
With Mailwasher, I was able to check mail for all my accounts, including gmail. But now I have KShowmail (which I don't like as much as mailwasher, but it seems to be the only option), and I can't get gmail configured - it won't work with on that account.

I have it set up this way:

Protocol: POP3
Port: 995
Password: Yes, I'm using the correct password

Every time I check my email, it times out and then crashes because of that account. Gmail says it needs SSL or something like that - but there's no option in Kshowmail to change that.

bryanlee1981 03-13-2008 03:22 PM

In order for you to use kshowmail with gmail you need SSL support. This is only supported in version 3.3. As of now that version is "unstable". You can download it here.

Teasdale 03-13-2008 05:22 PM

Thanks - that answers my question. I'll wait for a more stable version of kshowmail. Until then, I'll just have to check that account the old-fashioned way - by actually visiting the webmail site. ;)

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