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SavvyPlayer 10-16-2004 08:28 PM

krfb --config; Format of config file? Need to allow ports below 1024.
Looking through all available documentation on krfb, I can find nothing on the config file format suggested by the krfb --config option (listed in --help-kde).

Essentially what I need is to remove the limitation that krfb run on ports >= 1024 as my client lives behind a corporate firewall that allows persistent connections only to a very limited number of remote ports. Ports 21, 22, 23, 80, 443 are among those allowed, but the KDE Desktop Sharing tool (as configured in SUSE 9.1) will not allow specifying any of these ports. Of course I am aware of the implications of hosting rfb on a well-known port, and willing to deal with that (I am connecting to a home system from work for the primary purposes of gaining added lunchtime productivity -- accessing home email, running gnucash, reading news etc, securely).

I am hoping the config file allows this range to be overridden, as that would be the cleanest solution (best solution for forward compatibility, etc), but the documentation on this aspect of KDE is difficult to find. New (full-time) Linux user here, so any advice is much appreciated.


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