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dudeman41465 11-11-2005 09:40 PM

Konqueror Web Browser
I've decided that I want to make Konqueror my default web browser instead of firefox, there are just a few things that I've seen it do that I like better. Anyway I have a few questions. Number one being, where is the Konqueror installation folder so I know where to put my java and flash plugins. Secondly, how in the world do I work the javascript filter? For example I want to allow my university online class site at and so I tell it to allow * and when I go to the site it shows up for a second and then flashes to a screen telling me that the javascript is being blocked. This is a problem with Konqueror and not the site b/c I can view and browse the site just fine with firefox. Also I would like to know why the menus made with css such as the one on my university homepage at are either placed wrong or show up weird. I would also like to know why even though I set the home page to my university site, every time I open it for the first time it takes me to the page that says, "Thank you for choosing Mandriva Linux". Any help with this would be greatly appreciated guys.

tammac 11-11-2005 11:11 PM

Hey Marcus,

I cannot help you with all you ask but may be able to guide you a bit. On my FC4 and Mepis 3.3.2 distros, I put the two flash files (flashplayer.xpt and in the /usr/lib/ directory. I have KDE as my desktop and have upgraded a couple of times and the files now live in a new directory: /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree. One of the upgrades must have moved them there 'cause I sure didn't. In the Konqueror menu under "settings," select "Configure Konq." and then scroll down the left window (assuming you get a double pane window) and you will get to the "Plugins" section. Check the box under the "Netscape Plugins" section to "Scan For New Plugins at KDE startup." You can put your plugins in the /usr/local/netscape/plugins directory and Konq will pick them up from there. Some of the plugins are in my /usr/local/mozilla/plugins directory and Konq finds them as well. You might want to put them in both places just to be safe.

I cannot help you with any of the blackboard questions as I have never used it. I would expect that the plugins for java and other sub-applets would go in the same /usr/loca/mozilla as above.

I clicked on the MSU link in your post and everything looked just fine. How are things in Rowan County these days? I used to be up there quite a bit with the equestrian program but it has been several years.

Hope this helps a bit!

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