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Kage 07-14-2002 10:53 PM

Konqueror download problems?
Apparently certain files dont let you have the usuall control when you use the konqueror
web browser to download them, so could someone help me fix it?

First sometimes it wont let me choose what directory I want to save the file in.
Second it downloads the file into some "/root/.kde-tmp" directory on its own
Third , while downloading it has renamed the file,by itself, to something other than the original file name
like "konquerornyb".

Could someone explain to me why it does this and how to change it?
I went into the strange /root/.kde directory and it looks like the file is all there but in different
so how do I get all the parts to rejoin to make one whole file?

Aussie 07-15-2002 02:14 PM

What type of file are you trying to download and have you tried shift clicking on it?

Kage 07-15-2002 07:33 PM

It was a iso file. And what is shift clicking?

neo77777 07-15-2002 07:41 PM

hold shift key while pressing left mouse button, as for your problem you need to have /tmp large enough to hold at least 500 Mb, when you download an iso image for instance linux OS iso image while downloding it stores parts of it in /tmp nad when download finishes it moves it to the designated location. But I am confused as of the fact konq is using kde-tmp under /root to store the partial file, I am curious are you running konq as root?

Kage 07-17-2002 08:00 PM

Well after further analysis it looks like those files dont add up to the actuall file so I guess it got lost somehow. However I just recently downloaded the most recent avifile and it tried to download to that same directory but I was able to to counter by shift clicking, as you explained. So thanx for the info.

And yes neo777 I was running konq as root.

neo77777 07-17-2002 08:28 PM


And yes neo777 I was running konq as root.
Bad, worst idea
If you don't care about your system you can run whatever you want as root, but exposing root directly to the internet is a desirable target for crackers and script kiddies. Be carefull.

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