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AGazzaz 07-04-2007 07:12 AM

kmymoney crash
i have just installed kmymoney from synaptic and i got the KDE crash handler


short description:
The application KMyMoney (kmymoney2) crashed and caused the signal 11(SIGSEGV).

when i execute the command from konsole


ahmad@3[~]$ kmymoney2
5:2007/07/04 14-01-42:aqbanking(19837):banking.c: 1427: Configuration file "/home/ahmad/.banking/settings.conf" does not exist, will create it later.
5:2007/07/04 14-01-42:aqbanking(19837):banking.cpp:  207: ~Banking: Freeing Banking
KCrash: Application 'kmymoney2' crashing...

so what should i do

any help is appreciated

AGazzaz 07-04-2007 10:14 AM

I found the solution on mepislovers forum


Had the same exact problem here. The fix you referred to in another post does work. To downgrade libkbanking1, start synaptic, give your root password. Use the Synaptic search function to find the file. Click Package>Force version from the menu. The version you want is 1.6.1-ubuntu2. After I did this kmymoney2 runs correctly.
sorry, I should have searched before posting

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