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seanr 01-16-2005 06:08 PM

KMix window on startup
Is there any way I can get Kmix to load the volume icon but not the whole window on startup? Currecntly it does both, but I don't want the darn window there everytime I boot. Running Mepis with KDE 3.3.

seanr 07-29-2005 01:56 PM

Folks, it's been over six months. No one has any ideas whatsoever?

puishor 07-29-2005 03:10 PM

If it seems that nobody responds to your question on this forum try finding the answer in another linux forum ( ex . ).
Also try to subscribe to discussion linux groups
( like )
Or mailing list ( there are lots of them ).
If in all this places you can't find the answer... well google is you friend.

As far as this concerns me, sorry I don't know the answer to you question :(

Zeistler 07-29-2005 03:40 PM

I have used KDE for a long time and I have never had the problem you describe. As far as I know the kmix icon will appear the same way when you start KDE as it did when you closed it. Check .kde/Autostart to see if there's something there.

seanr 07-31-2005 01:34 PM

Nothing in Authostart - where else might it be? I can't find it listed in Kcontrol either.

GML3G0 08-11-2005 09:24 PM

Bump. I have the same problem. :(

It's so annoying. Nothing in the ~/.kde autostart directory.

GML3G0 08-12-2005 03:15 PM

OK, was browsing around the Gentoo forum and found out that disabling the KMilo service in the KDE Control Center Service Manager fixes the issue.

roboboy 12-16-2007 08:46 PM

Permanent fix for KMix opening on startup - Really...
Hi, everyone,

I'm new to Linux (six weeks) but not to computer OS's in general. After spending 4 weeks searching sites, forums, HOW-TO's (which they often aren't), and man pages, I decided to dive in myself and find the answer.

This applies only to PCLinuxOS 2007, KDE 3.5.8.

It took me all of 2 hours. Not kidding. Anyway, here it is. :study:

Please remember:

A. Always backup the folder you are working in before you start changing things.

B. Always copy the files you are going to change and make THESE the copies you work on. (A common way to preserve the ORIGINAL is to rename it with {filename}OLD . You can always return it to it's former name.)

C. If you're not sure about the answer you get in ANY forum, simply post back and get confirmation from another member if possible.

Anywho, it seems like alot of folks all got stuck trying to use Control Center to put a band-aid on this annoying problem. Since I'm so anal, I just couldn't deal.

There are reasons 1,000's of files in Linux are hidden.

1. Log-in as root to make the changes globally, or as yourself if need be.
2. Open Konqueror (only FM I worked with) into your "root" folder.
3. Choose View | Show Hidden Files.
4. Now you'll find alot of new sub-folders in your "root" folder, which are semi-transparent. Don't let it spook you.
5. Find the folder ".kde". Make sure the '.' is before the 'kde'. Open it.
6. Now, open the "share" folder.
7. Then the "config" folder.
8. Scroll down until you find the file "kmixrc". COPY IT! Paste into your favorite editor.
9. Look to the bottom of the FIRST set of parameters, and you'll find two lines:


10. ONLY CHANGE the FIRST line from Visible=true to Visible=false.

11. Save the copy you've been working on, to the original filename "kmixrc".
12. Reboot.

That's it. It will never happen again. Promise.

I don't know what upgrade issue caused this, but I'll tell you - since the first day I started working with Linux - this has been driving me CRAZY!

I know this thread is 2 years old, but no one ever closed it.
Thanks for listening, hope I didn't break any rules about where to post.


mattydee 02-26-2008 01:43 AM

I had the same problem. I had to delete /usr/share/autostart/kmix.desktop

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