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ilikejam 06-01-2004 11:06 PM

KMenu entries all in lost and found
Hi all.

For some reason, all the entries for my applications in the K-menu have ended up in the lost and found sub-menu, instead of their respective menus (Internet, Multimedia, etc).

Does anyone know of a way to reset the K-Menu back to its default?


320mb 06-02-2004 07:28 AM


When a linux box crashes, if the system was in the middle of writing data out to a file, junk or incomplete data is left behind. On reboot fsck runs to check any partitions which were not cleanly unmounted.

If fsck finds that it is unable to reattach or account for a file fragment, it will put that fragment in the lost+found directory for that specific partition.
found this in another might just re-install all KDE RPM's!!!

ilikejam 06-02-2004 10:09 AM


Cheers for the reply. The 'Lost and Found' I'm referring to is the 'Lost & Found' menu in the K-Menu, as opposed to the 'Lost and Found' on the filesystem.

I've tried reinstalling kde-base and kde-libs, and I've also tried reinstalling redhat-menus. No luck though. I think I might go back to Fedora Core 1. Never had any problems with that.



ilikejam 06-04-2004 06:30 PM

Problem solved.

I rm -rf 'ed /etc/xdg, then reinstalled redhat-menus


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