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damaru 08-11-2004 09:01 AM

KMail can't send mail

I just switched from RedHat 9 to Suse 9.1. Now I can't get KMail to send my mail. I have a DSL connection, and previously all I had to do was to tell KMail where my smtp server was. I tested this with Windoze and it wored.

When I try to send mail I get the message:
Failed to send (some) queued messages.
in KMail's status bar.

There don't seem to be any messages being generated in /var/log. How can I begin to find the problem?


mikedeatworld 08-11-2004 10:09 AM

Same here...trying xiamian

ka9qlq 08-12-2004 01:23 AM

Same here when I went from Mandrake 9.1 to 10. Does Kmail use postfix under the covers? Thunderbird works.

fibbi 08-12-2004 04:29 AM

recent versions of kmail have had some serious bugs. see to see if the problem fits.

ka9qlq 08-12-2004 01:57 PM

Thanks that got it working. now is there any way to make it let you past stuff from a web page and have it send the html right? I can in thunderbird. Oh well.

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