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bmikowski 09-30-2004 11:28 PM

KMail 1.5 to 1.6.2?
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to move KMail folders from version ~1.5--which I backed up onto DVD+RW--into a new version of KMail (1.6.2).

I've done this before and it worked beautifully by just copying the files and setting the permissions appropriately. However, this time, it appears to work, but when trying to open up one of the older emails nothing is displayed and the subject and sender get set to 'NO SUBJECT' and 'UNKNOWN' in the list of messages when I click on one. Also, the message pane shows a blank message.

Has anyone else tried this recently with success?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


bspecial 10-01-2004 07:58 AM

Hi bmikowski,

I assume you have a backup of your old kmailrc
I would first start the new kmail without any subfolder in your ~/Mail folder and create a dummy folder in kmail and quit to generate a working kmailrc.
Then check both, the old kmailrc in [yourbackup]~/.kde/share/config/ and your current kmailrc. It seems there are different [$Version] sections.
Now copy and paste all your filter and folder entries from your old kmailrc in the current kmailrc, save the file and quit. Now delete the dummy folder from ~/Mail und copy your old mail and folder here.


bmikowski 10-04-2004 07:46 PM

Thanks! Once I copied over the old KMailrc and reset the permissions on all files/folders (when backing up to DVD+RW it was defaulted to readonly) it worked fine.


Cichlid 12-28-2004 07:49 PM

Man, what a crapper. I didn't seem to save my kmailrc. Therefore, I can only read old e-mail in an editor. I can not open them in Kmail. If I paste my old ~/Mail directory to the new system, KMail will see all folders, but can't open the messages.

At least I have learnt my lesson.

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