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wanas 08-22-2009 10:57 PM

Klamav and ClaimTK doesnt Scan archives (rar, zip etc)
I am an Avast fan but the problem with avast Linux that it takes so long to update the virus database, I searched the net for a good antivirus works on linux I found a clamAV but I prefer to use a GUI so I used clamtk 1st to try ClamAV while trying it on my system I found that ClamTK doesnt scan Archives at all like zip, rar ect so I tried to use KlamAV and the same results accure.

Is there A way to make ClamAV scan for archives through a GUI ?
Or do I have to use other antiVirus for this Purpose ?

- I am using Ubuntu 9.04
- I use AntiVirus on linux: only because I sometimes go to Windows XP to only play games ;)

i92guboj 08-23-2009 12:18 AM

As long as you don't change the default, it should be able to scan archives (I am talking about pure clam, however clamtk and the rest of frontends use clam in the background, so it should work the same). The setting is configured in /etc/clamd.conf, and the default is to scan archives.


## Archives

# ClamAV can scan within archives and compressed files.
# Default: yes
#ScanArchive yes

However, I doubt clam can unpack the archives itself. You might need to install the unrar, unzip, etc. etc. tools.

wanas 08-23-2009 12:38 AM

I have used the pure clam to scan an infected .rar file (I have known that its infected by extracting it and scan the unrar folder), It didnt find the virus in the archive.
I have already installed the unrar from the synaptic manager ;)

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