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Magsol 01-15-2009 12:39 PM

Kismet finds networks but no clients
I've done some searching around the web and on these forums and haven't found anything to address my problems, so hopefully I won't get hit with too many RTFMs :) (though it's always possible I missed something)

I have Ubuntu installed on my MacBook (second generation, Core 2 Duo...not the uber-slick newest version but the one before that). I'm using an atheros driver: ath9k. I'm trying to configure the laptop for wardriving, but I can't seem to get kismet to cooperate.

Kismet appears to be working just fine when I fire it up, as it displays a rather lengthy list of all the networks it finds in proximity, but the data seems oddly incomplete. For example, on the main screen, nothing ever appears under the "Flags" column, and "IP Range" and "Size" never change from their respective defaults of "" and "0B".

Furthermore, when I ask for a list of clients from a particular network, it's always empty. Now I'm certainly open to the possibility that, since it is business hours, maybe there's no one home and everyone took their laptops with to work. But this still seems odd.

Additionally, when I inspect a particular network - doesn't matter which, they all show up the same - even though packets are being captured, they are ALL of the LLC type; no data, crypt, weak, or dupe IV packets.

Within my kismet.conf file, I have "source=ath5k,ath0,atheros" listed, since kismet does not seem to recognize ath9k. I don't know if this could possibly be the source of the problem, but it's worth mentioning.

Help in getting kismet to function properly would be most appreciated! Thank you! :)

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