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bartonski 12-25-2009 01:22 PM

key binding conflict between emacs and gterm
Keybinding conflict between <alt> in gterm (used for menu options) and <alt> in emacs (used for 'meta'), when I launch emacs with the '-nw' flag. I prefer to re-map the keybinding in emacs, since 'alt' is an arbitrary re-mapping of 'meta'.

This thread links to emacs tiny tools, and suggests that the 'convert keybindings' tool may be used to re-map emacs keys. The tiny tools link goes on to say that versions of emacs above 19.30 may use the xemacs style keybinding, which looks something like this:


(local-set-key [(control meta up)] 'ignore)
This doesn't buy me very much, because it's using 'meta' on the left hand side of the definition. I presume that I will need to un-define 'alt' as the current meta key, and then define something else. I'm running into the same question when I look at the emacs internal documentation as well.

As long as I'm asking... is there any particular reason not to use the 'super' key for 'meta' in emacs? Does emacs use 'super' in some weird triple-bucky combination? (Should be ok, since emacs expands to 'escape-meta-alt-control-shift. It doesn't say anything about 'super' ;) )

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