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megatoon31 02-25-2012 07:32 AM

kertyx/sushi huh on macpup
Can you run sushi huh or kerytx on puppy? if so how?

these sites will explain what they are if you don't know

corp769 02-26-2012 03:50 AM

From the looks of it, you only need python. After looking at the files and includes for both of them, it looks like the sushi one is standalone; Just download, and read the included README file for further instructions.



rupeshforu 12-20-2012 10:32 PM

keryx installation failure and errors while running sushi-huh
sir I have installed Debian wheezy( testing ) freshly.

I tried to install keryx which resulted in failure. I am providing output.
This package is uninstallable
Dependency is not satisfiable: python (< 2.7)

Then I tried to run sushi-huh I got following error in browser

aceback (most recent call last):
File "/root/soft/debian package managers/sushi-huh/src/il_cuore/lib/", line 99, in __init__
exec(python_script, globals(), locals())
File "<string>", line 43, in <module>
File "/root/soft/debian package managers/sushi-huh/src/il_cuore/lib/", line 82, in __init__
self.plugin = pluginator.get_plugin('repo', self.main_ini_file['plugin']['plugin_name'][0])
File "/root/soft/debian package managers/sushi-huh/src/il_cuore/lib/", line 72, in get_plugin
plugin = __import__(info['plugin']['main_file'][0][: info['plugin']['main_file'][0].rfind('.')]).Plugin()
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'Plugin'

corp769 01-02-2013 06:23 AM


This package is uninstallable
Dependency is not satisfiable: python (< 2.7)
Did you even read what that says?

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