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tuxfood 05-05-2005 05:44 PM

"kernel panic : no init found " error with user-mode-linux

I downloaded the uml patch for kernel-2.4.22

I applied the patch ... made uml ....

The root filesystem i used was toms filesystem...

The uml managed to find the root filesystem but it gave a

"Kernel Panic : No init found . try passing init = as a boot option ".

Well toms root file system has init under /bin .... /bin/init is also there in the search path as given by the man page of bootparam. ( man bootparam ).

I tried init = /sbin/init
init = /bin/init
init = /bin/sh

But still it doesnot work

any ideas how to rectify this?



Matir 05-05-2005 09:00 PM

There cannot be spaces in kernel options, IIRC. It must be "init=/bin/init" or similar. (No quotes of course)

tuxfood 05-06-2005 03:29 PM


i didnot put any space after the init= ....

i passed the options as

$ ./linux ubd0=/dev/fd0 devfs=nomount init=/sbin/init


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