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prabhatsoni 11-30-2004 03:19 AM

Kernel compilation - is there a short cut ?
The compilation proceedure is very long and cumersome (to me !!). There should be some other way around it.

On compilation, based on varoius specification inputs a .config file is generated. Thus there is a .config file only if kernel has been compiled at least once.

This problems will be solved if the .config file corresponding to your running kernel is available even if you have installed your linux out of box. Becasuse in this case it would be easy to fire "make xconfig", and load the current .config file and make the required changes (taking a few seconds) and save the modified .config file. But it is seen that if you have installed your linux from a CD (Fedora in my case), you don't have a .config.
Is there any way by which we could do this - like reverse engineering :- given the running kernel, you generate a corresponding .config file, which can later be modified as per requirement.?

Beats me.
Any help ?

Prabhat Soni

Crashed_Again 11-30-2004 03:42 AM

I think the issue is that Fedora installs binary kernels which has no need for a .config file since there is no source code anyway. I see what your saying though. It would be good if Fedora released the .config file that they used for their binary kernels. Perhaps they do. I'm not sure.

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