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qwijibow 11-02-2003 01:41 PM

kernel 2.4.22 initrd missing ???
hey guys and girls.

ive compiled my first ever kernel (2.4.22)

and as expectied its gone horribly wrong !!

dureing bootup USB initilisation fails
ext3 is not supported,
nvidia kernel module does not load (do i need to re-install it ?)
and shutdown doesnt actually power off the machine at the end.

one thing ive noticed, is is dont have a initrd img like i did for 2.4.20-8 kernel
do i need one ?

i have no idea what it is, how to compile it, or anything

the kernel compile guides and tutorials do not mention this file.

does it have somthing to do with external madules ???

ohh, and also, modprobe fails to load ip-conntrack, although i enabled this in the kermel config.

is there a way to take the configuration from my 2.4.20-8 kernel, and apply that to my 2.4.22 source ?

2.4.20-8 had everything i needed, but i need the bug-fixes in 2.4.22.


exodist 11-02-2003 01:54 PM

do not worry about the img file. that simple.
nvidia: always need to re-install nvidia after kernel compile
others: recompile kernel and add those things in, hopefully you read the tutorials that tell you to keep your old kernel available.

tweakness 11-02-2003 01:56 PM

you using redhat i presume..
1. did you build usb support and the other fails, as modules??

when you do a make install, do it come up with an error about modules?? i bet it does, ive had similar problems. You need to build all the stuff you have as modules now, as modules again. make oldconfig might do the trick. the red had initrd has all the modules that are going to be loaded, but loads them at boot time. thus negating the intire idea behind modules if you ask me, but anyway

ext3, thats easy, set built in support for ext3 in filesystems.

and before you build any red hat kernel, be sure to do a make clean and make mrproper...

and your gonna have to run your nvidia script for every kernel, if you do it as described in the nvidia instructions. but at their ftp you can get the source and build modules for each of your kernels and load them into their respective places in /lib/modules/ so modprobe can get em.

have fun

qwijibow 11-02-2003 02:12 PM


Yeah, i backed up my old kernel ;)

im having a second go at the config thing..

one thing that surprises me, is how the default values are sooo far off what i need,

for example, defualt says NOT to compile ppp support.

anyway, thanKs.

to be honest, i have no idea what im doing with modprobe...

and where possible, im compiling what i need into the the kernel, rather than making it overly modular the hope of simplifying the whole thing.

anyway, thanX for the reply.
ill prob be back in an hour havng solved my current problems, and created a few more.. :)

exodist 11-02-2003 02:13 PM

it is a standard low kernel compile, not meant for actual use without tweeking (that is after make mrproper)

qwijibow 11-02-2003 08:19 PM

boom. yeah im back having fixed those problems and run into a million more !!!

first of all....

i definatly chose YES to the USB Human Interface Devices,
Yes to USB mouse
and YES to usb keyboard.

but during boot up. i get "[FAILED]
next to initilising USB keyboard ( cant load keybdev module)
and initilising USB mouse (cant load mousedev)

this is not currently a problem as im using ps2 mouse and keyboard (which will rpob change in the future (laser mouses are great ;))

and my main problem,,,
with connexant modem (linuxant now deciding i have to PAY for modem drivers !!!)

and my spare modem, sm25 motorola... well, were all familiar with those posts....

exodist 11-02-2003 09:37 PM

oh! that is because you have it compiled static not module, as static it is already always loaded, but then on boot it looks to load a module unaware it is static, then it fails, but usb is still active

modems are cheep, buy a new external one for serial.

oh on another note:
for modem/ppp you need the correct ppp option in kernel (duh) but also in character devices you need the "dumb" serial options, not sure which exactly, I just enable them all. hope that helps.

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