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rajeshrajmane 04-17-2002 02:32 AM

Kenel Panic.... System freezes.....
Hello All,

I installed Red Hat 7.2 on Compaq system(1.5 GHz,128 MB, 40 GB). When the
system is not connected to network it's working fine.... But when connected
to network it freezes giving error....

Oops... : 0002

so many addresses.......................... and

Kernel panic: Aiee,killing interrupt handler!

In interrupt handler-not syncing

I don't have any chioce but to switch off the system.... This happens to
about 4-5 diff. Compaq systems..

Can anybody know the reason?????



Norel 04-21-2002 09:49 AM

I think there coud be a problem with your ethernet card driver.
Try to add a different eth card (somethink from long time supported as an old 3com).
Try to recompile the kernel (raccomanded in any new installation)

If you have still problems post here more info:
Eth Card name and spec.
lspci -vv
(or "cat /proc/pci" if prev. command don't works)

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