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Passive 01-06-2004 10:58 AM

Keeping a development server in sync with a production server.
Hi All,

We've got a RH7.2 server with, and I'm trying to set up a similar machine locally to do development on.
I imagine this must be relatively common practice, so I'm looking for tips on making this painless for both myself and other users.

The systems are different hardware wise, and I just installed an fresh RH7.3 on the development system. What I think I want to do now is install all the programs that are on the production server?

Ideally, I would like some tool designed to automate program configuration, so that if I upgraded a program locally, it could be easily mirrored to the remote server.

Thanks for any help on this subject.

Ciccio 01-06-2004 11:04 AM

the tool you are thinking about is rsync. just google.

Oh, a tip, for multiuser development you might want to read a little bit about CVS, concurrent version system.

Passive 01-06-2004 11:09 AM

Is it? I'm using RSync for other things, but is it sufficient to keep program versions concurrent on different systems? I thought it was more for data than programs?

Interesting time to mention CVS, that is one of the reasons we are setting this up. I've barely used it, so I will be reading:

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