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skylark 10-19-2005 10:16 PM

KDevelop project - Files to put into version control?

I've just started using KDevelop for some C++ projects and I really like that it integrates automake, autoconf and all those other tools that are used by (almost) all respectable open source software development projects. That gives me a chance to learn to use those tools a bit...

But I would like to know : These tools put lots of files into the project directory. Some files I can see are automatically generated by autoconf, automake, configure or other scripts. But on the most part, I don't know what I need to keep under version control and what can be left out (to be regenerated automatically in other working copies).

Semi-exhaustive file list :
I'll only list files I'm not sure about...

install-sh  <-- this is the file that automake uses to create the real Makefile?
tp6.kdevelop  <-- this is the project file I guess
autom4te.cache/    <-- this directory I'm pretty sure I don't have to keep...
src/  <--\
src/    <-- /  Not sure which one(s) of these two I have to keep
templates/    <-- pretty sure I can skip this one too

I guess mainly, I want to know a bit about how those files are used. What is the general process that the automake/autoconf/... toolchain goes through in this kind of project? And in the process I'll learn which files I need to keep in version control. Can anyone guide me please?

Also : When creating the project I remember seeing options to configure the SVN repository I would like to use for the project, but I skipped them thinking I would get back to that later once I had gotten to know KDevelop better. Now, I can't seem to find those options in my existing project. Where are they? The help file wasn't much help, unfortunately. Under Project->Project Options, Version Control submenu, I can select Subversion, but I don't see where I can tell it where my repository is, nor where I can click to tell it to commit...

tedfordgif 10-21-2005 09:01 PM

I think most of those files are generated, and don't need to be checked in, but I don't have time to learn about it myself just now.

There's a man page for config.guess, and probably the automake/autoconf man pages will help with a number of the others.

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