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jiobo 02-20-2010 12:34 AM

kdenlive & qdvdauthor on Fedora 12 & questions on Gnome
I've put this post into Software since the question part of it is from Gnome 2.28 and not on Fedora 12.

To get kdenlive and qdvdauthor to work on Fedora 12, follow these steps:
(this uses non-Fedora repositories, so use at your own risk)

Install rpm fusion

su -c 'rpm -Uvh'
Go to System --> Administration --> Add/Remove Software. Select install after finding these packages and say okay to install dependencies.
Add/Remove software:

install qt-devel
intall mjpegtools, mjpegtools-devel, mjpegtools-gui, mjpegtools-libs
install mplayer, mplayer-gui
install qt3-devel
install kdenlive

Make a build directory for qdvdauthor and copy or move the tar.gz file to that directory.
Get source:

mkdir /home/fedora/buildqdvd
mv /home/fedora/Download/qdvdauthor-2.1.0.tar.gz /home/fedora/buildqdvd
cd /home/fedora/buildqdvd
tar xzvf qdvdauthor-2.1.0.tar.gz
./configure -c

After the configurator gui shows up, select compile, install.

This completes the installtion for kdenlive and qdvdauthor. Now comes the question part of this post. How can you add icons for custom applications to the Gnome selection list? When I try to add qdvdauthor to the panel with the Add Custom selection, there are no icons to select from?

Next question, how can I add qdvdauthor to the Gnome Applications menu? This is for Gnome 2.28.

smoker 02-20-2010 08:15 AM

They are both the same question (or answer)
You have to cruise your hard drive to find the icons related to qdvdauthor, probably in it's own directory.
But if they don't supply an svg icon ,you may be out of luck.

To add an app to the applications menu, right click the button and select edit menus.
Same procedure as the panel.

( you did click the icon in Add Custom didn't you ? )

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