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snoopy1 05-18-2009 11:52 AM

KDE4: surround sound
Since upgrading to KDE 4.x I've found that there is no way to downsample 5.1 to 4.0 in any program. Kaffeine in 3.x used to have the option, but since it now uses the phonon backend all those options are gone. There is, to my knowledge, no way to set phonon in 4.0 mode.

My sound card is working fine via ALSA and ALSAMIXER/KMIX show the surround channels, centre et all. At the moment playing a stereo mp3 via amorak etc plays the track through the rear surround as well - which is how I want it.

The problem is with 5.1 sources, which appear to be downsampled to 2.0 and shoved out the rear as well. There is no config in any program that used Phonon, which tells me the config is with Phonon itself. I've looked at the Advanced Config within KDE4 but it's just to order the devices.

Hmmm. Help?.... Cheers, Andrew

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